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Daimler Chrysler Tracking System

The Challenge: The laundry service responsible for servicing Daimler Chrysler employee uniforms needed to find a way to quickly and accurately track all incoming and outgoing employee uniforms.

The Solution: The Xpress Data Collection system is implemented to run on an Intermec Mobile Barcode Reader. Each employee locker is identified with a bar-code label allowing the operator to scan out a soiled uniform and scan in a clean one.

The data collected on-site is synchronized with the head office using an on-site PC loaded with Xpress Remote Sync software leveraging XML Web Service technology. The synchronization process posts the transaction details into the existing accounting system.

The Outcome: The business can now benefit from an easy-to-use, on-site data collection system. The billing process is automated, and the head office can receive remote updates rather than having to wait for handwritten transaction details.