Data collection
XpressTec Data Collection
offering streamlined data collection solutions

XpressDataCollection will give your business the most up-to-date technology available to help you collect data
thru many of today’s mobile devices.

We work with a variety of platforms including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows mobile. We can implement technology like signature capture, GPS, real-time data collection and batch processing to help you collect
and keep track of your data.

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Asset tracking

Keep a close watch on your company’s assets with XpressTec’s easy-to-use tracking system. Receive real-time information about your assets, including their current location and condition. You will have the option to attach notes and images to the items in your inventory, which you can update and check at any time. This includes information about the current status of an asset – for example, whether it is in the field, has been returned or has been sent for repair.

The professionals at XpressTec can link this system with your email or synchronize it with existing geographic information systems (GIS), asset tracking systems or inventory tracking systems. Trust us to ensure a simple and seamless transition.