XpressTec Kiosk
an innovative feature for your business

XpressKiosk systems will help you run your business more effectively. The system is easy to use
and offers quick transaction completions. A card swipe or proximity reader can be used to identify users,
and the kiosk can be set up to read bar-code or RFID tags.

XpressKiosk main features:

  • process payments, print receipts and day-end transaction reports.
  • interactive media for promotions or company messages.
  • remote monitoring to interact with kiosk users looking for help via alert messaging or two-way VoIP communication.
  • automatic synchronization with you existing software.
Asset and rental tracking

XpressTec's kiosk includes an innovative feature that allows you to track assets that are coming in and out of your company. This is especially helpful when it comes to media instrumentation, trade show material, police and security equipment and other high-value items.

Reports can show a transaction history that is sorted by asset or by user. You can view assets that have not been returned, as well as export this data to existing accounting or inventory or asset-tracking software. XpressTec understands the underlying value of being able to monitor your assets in this way, as well as the peace of mind our systems can offer to the average business owner.