Learning managment system(LMS)
interactive training experience with quality results

The Learning Management System (LMS) from XpressTec is an innovative way to offer and keep track of the employee training process. This involves making certain information easily accessible to staff members. You will be able to manage a library of images, documents, video and other material related to the company. Users can search this database and view results by user, location, region or corporate.

The LMS is web-based to allow access from anywhere. Administrators can easily develop and offer their own interactive online training modules. Scoring results can be assigned and tracked by user, location, region or company-wide. You can set the start and end date for training modules and receive reports on who has or has not completed the course. You can also generate and print scoring cards, and view more extensive reports with drill-downs to see how users are doing with specific questions.

The professionals at XpressTec make it easy for you to manage your libraries, as well as control which users can access information and when. The training results can be exported for use in MS Excel or any existing training systems. Give us a call to learn more about the quality solutions we have to offer.