Warehouse management
organize your data
with warehouse management solutions

Upgrade to an XpressTec system for reliable and effective warehouse management solutions. We make it easy for you to link orders and purchase orders from your company’s existing accounting and manufacturing systems.

Our innovative yet simple solutions will allow you to perform a variety of tasks that will improve the efficiency of your business or organization. Shippers can release delivery orders to a hand-held device, as well as print reports for orders that have been filled or have yet to be filled. Our easy-to-use system will also let you easily search for orders and create new shipments.


The data collection solutions from XpressTec can assist you in filling shipments. Our trained technicians will provide you with a more streamlined process, resulting in greater efficiency. You will be able to close and print BOLs and packing slips more quickly and easily. You also have the option to synchronize your new shipping information with any existing order tracking systems. Come to us for an improved shipping experience.