Reporting Dashboards
organize your data with the latest reporting solutions

Organizations collect a vast array of transactional data on a regular basis (including information about customers, sales, sales forecasts, production, shipping, labour costs and expenses) Often this data is spread across many different software packages and even recorded in MS Excel spreadsheets.

With reporting dashboards you can easily access the information you need at any given time. Retrieve this information in real-time without having to search for the data or have a team member spend hours assembling it from various sources. XpressTec specializes in building dashboards for clients to summarize information from all systems and present the information in a format that is easy to view and export.

We can create automated notifications to users when certain conditions are met. For example, an automated email can be sent to a sales manager when sales fall below a predetermined level, or to a supervisor when production efficiencies fall below a predetermined threshold.